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The Tea Party: America's Taliban

As the election nears, only one thing has surprised me. I fully believed the tea party would have proverbially jumped the shark by 2011, or at least imploded. I thought it would be game over once this nefarious group of lurdanes who embraced the extremist movement were elected to Congress. Unfortunately, although they have been correctly labeled as right-wing extremists, racists, and the like, their influence and leaderless organization has likely damaged the political landscape in the U.S. for decades to come. Before the ascendency of the tea party in 2009, politicians in Washington surely were on opposite sides of the political fence, but at least they had a common goal: to pass legislation that helped people. That's what governments do: help people. How else would Senators Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy, two guys with less than zero in common politically, have been able to not only work together and pass legislation but remain close personal friends until Kennedy's death in August 2009?

Can anyone seriously imagine a close legislative partnership like that happening in today's seriously fucked up and damaged political environment? Imagine a tea-party activist senator (say a Jim DeMint) and a liberal Democrat (say Al Franken) coming together and bridging differences to pass important legislation; it's not even fathomable. The main culprit for this death of bipartisanship and comity among legislators is the tea party. Somehow the rogue group's members brainwashed enough of America in believing compromise was akin to terrorism; Democrats weren't American. The Democratic (or "Democrat" as the pejorative goes) Party was not just a target for defeat, which is fine in the world of politics, but it was viewed on with the same hatred as the Taliban or al-Qaeda (or Socialism in their perverted world-view).

Ironically, the tea-party movement itself is far more closely aligned with terrorist groups than any movement on the left. Just like al-Qaeda, the tea party is willing to completely destroy its opposition. And if the tea party "patriots" (there's a rich noun) could get away with killings and bombings of their adversaries, they would happily wage such campaigns. If Jim DeMint et al. could blow up government buildings and assassinate liberals and Democrats throughout the U.S. and somehow remain clandestine and free from being caught, I firmly believe they would pursue such action . There isn't an ounce of morality among the members. Actually, the tea party should be put on government lists of known terrorist groups; its hierarchy should be foremost on the FBI's most-wanted list.

An extremist opinion? Sure, but once you strip down al-Qaeda and look at its infrastructure and training, it begins to look an awful lot like the tea-party movements across the United States. Only major difference is the end goals of the groups.

If the tea party continues its anti-government stances and promotes its religious extremism, which it will, I'm hopeful the American people will be able to rise up and defeat them. For even conservatives are now realizing that the tea party doesn't represent their views. Just ask moderate senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, who was ousted in his primary by Richard Mourdock, a knuckle-dragging tea-party nut job.

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