After writing on film for centuries, David Bourgeois believed it high time to birth his own website. Thus, he began writing his bio in the third person. He's written for a slew of old- and new-media publications, including Interview, Spy magazine, Spin, New York magazine, Film Threat, The Village Voice, and the sad neglected-child web-only rebirth of Movieline. Way back when, working for nearly nothing, he helped launch IndieWire's coverage from the Cannes Film Festival. But now the site no longer returns his emails. He handles it with aplomb though, really

Bon Iver: "Holocene"

Fellow Wisconsin native Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, has come out with an excellent new record. And the video for "Holocene" is pretty good, but what stands out in it is the kid's sweater. I want it.

How Obama Wins Reelection

Guided by Voices: "Gold Star for Robot Boy"