You get the picture.

You get the picture.

David Bourgeois is a Brooklyn-based editor and writer. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, he moved to New York City; he began his career in those heady, halcyon pre-Internet days writing for Spy, Spin, The Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York, Interview, and New York magazine, among others.

Herewith, a sampling of clips.


  • Writer for Interview magazine from Cannes.
  • Film writer/critic for (oddly, archives can't really be accessed, as Indiewire has gone through more changes, delinks, and redesigns than any website in history). He was one of the first critics to cover Cannes for the then-fledgling website.
  • Writer for the website Very Short List.
  • Writer for a piece on the remade Omen.
  • Helped launch the comedy-news website (at the time co-owned by IAC and The Huffington Post). The site dissolved in early 2009, but archives can be found here.
  • Quondam Blogger for the Huffington Post. Archives can be found here.
  • Writer for, where he covered the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 and 2010. Archives can be found here.
  • In 2011, covered Cannes for The Daily.


A sampling of long-ago clips ...

E-mail him at {dave2040} at me dot com.